Welcome 2013

Alright so here we sit in 2013 and I know nobody has posted anything regards to anything besides job hunting for quite sometime. Don’t get me wrong Shane is still job hunting (yes its long process for some and it sucks for all) Jessica has landed a better job.
Aside from that we also know that they only did one release in 2012 and they wish they had more releases, they’re looking at doing more releases as they always have ideas to write but sadly nothing really comes to be, perhaps thats a bad thing cause it makes it look like they give up on things i don’t know how people read into things but that’s just a guess.

I do know that right now the video page is empty, the reason for that is simple.. The place they had videos (site called Blip) wasn’t that great with HD videos, but they found a better site (no it’s not the one with the initials YT) they’re looking at moving there videos to a better site.

We have also just recently changed up the look of our site/blog.

While typing this I know it’s taken us a while to type this but we’ve gotten a bunch of our videos online now as well

I just talked with Shane and he said he’ll be making an announcement shortly.


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