So It’s Been A While…

As I said in the title.. so it’s been a while since we’ve released anything at all.. and I know regular posting doesn’t really happen around here as sometimes its once over a few weeks or over a few months.. It’s odd what can we say, I know we don’t really have a strong presence around but we’ve been debating about a few things and talking about a bunch of things. I know that our last release was entitled “Adventures With Oinkie” that at this point in time it has 160 downloads to it’s name and it’s found it’s way all around the web and have landed on numerous sites.
We also know that was the ONLY release that happened from us in 2012, which believe me it does suck as it shows how slow things have gotten for us, as at first we wanted to make things big however writing has became more of a back story or a hobby for us more than the forefront of what we want to do. I wish I had a better reason but I know Jessica has been busy with her new job and Shane has been… Well Shane has been busy with other things that involve being unemployed… Trust me being unemployed sucks and stuck on the job search is no better today as it was last year or any of the last several years that he has been.
I would like to say I know what the future holds for us, I would like to say I know what the future is going to bring for 4E Inc, but I don’t.

While typing this I got a email from Shane, not just a random email but a new release from the man himself.. the new release is called “Tears For You“.. I’ll be posting a second article up right after this with that info.


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